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Huffstead Management Services 

Rent Collection: Handle rent collection & other expenses on behalf of the property owner.  This includes tracking payments and following up on any late or missed payments with 1099 reporting

Property Maintenance:  Ensure that properties are well maintained and any necessary repairs are promptly addressed.  This includes coordinating & overseeing maintenance, repair work, photos of progress/completion, & conducting inspections as needed.

Tenant Communication & Dispute Resolution:  Point of contact for tenants, addressing their concerns and resolving any disputes that may arise.  Also includes communication regarding rent lease renewals, rent increases, and other matters as necessary.

Financial Reporting &

Reporting:  Provide owners with regular financial reports, detailing income and expenses related to the property. 

Property Inspections & Risk Management:  Conduct regular inspections of the property to identify any potential potential risks or maintenance issues & implement risk management strategies to protect the property and its occupants from liability.

Tenant Placement:  RENT GUARANTEE FOR 6 MONTHS!  This includes advertising & marketing, tenant screening, showings & property viewings, lead & rental license coordination, lease agreement preparation, lease signing & move-in coordination, & tenant onboarding.  We also provide human service housing solutions! 

Evictions:  In the unfortunate event that an eviction becomes necessary, we handle eviction (failure to pay, tenant holding over, wrongful detainer cases) om behalf of the property owner.  This includes filing appropriate eviction notices, representing the owner in court, and coordinating with necessary parties for eviction escalation. 

Maintenance:  For property owners who may manage their own properties, but need a reliable team to complete their maintenance repairs.  Maintenance is very essential and every property owner deserves a professional & time-efficient team behind them.  Our maintenance services includes; routine maintenance, emergency repairs, coordination of repairs, budgeting & financial management, & renovations as needed, ensure the satisfaction of both the property owner & the tenants. 

Renovations:  Our highly skilled, professional licensed team can make any significant changes and/or improvements to a property’s structure, design, or functionality.  We can complete any project from rental turnovers, to full gut/ground-up construction.  This includes assessment & planning, design & concept development, contractor selection & management, budgeting & financial management, & post-renovation inspections & quality assurance.

Project Management:  Our project management includes planning, organizing, & overseeing the execution of renovation projects.  Project planning, resource allocation, contractor selection & management, budgeting & financial management, risk management, communication & reporting, quality control, project completion & closeout.

Property Sales:  Are you looking to buy or purchase a new investment property? Complete the below consultation to get started

Residential &Commercial Lendding:  We provide lending for residential & commercial properties.  This includes private equity funding, gap funding, down payment & closing costs, personal cash terms loans, business lines of credit, business temr loans, investment lending, first time investor friendly loans, fix & flips, DSCR & non-DSCR options, air BNB, condotels, and bridge loans.

Property Management: Includes all the services listed 

Jaquan NYC Investor

I am pleased to write a review for my property management team. Huffstead Management has done an exceptional job in managing our property for the past five years. Tenisha attention to detail, prompt communication, and proactive approach to addressing issues have made our experience of owning property in Baltimore truly outstanding. Being an out of state investor I’m always at peace knowing  my properties are taking good care of with  Huffstead Management. I appreciate the  dedication and professionalism in ensuring that our property is well taken care of. Her efforts have not only made our lives easier but have also increased the value of our investment. We are grateful for her excellent service and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a property manager.


Huffstead Management has done a great job in managing my rental property.  They’re are honest, responsive, reliable, and ensures to report issues immediately and provide services in a timely manner, as needed.  I’ve had a great experience working with Huffstead Management.

Richard D

I am the pleasure to receive the services of Huffstead Management as my property manager. I travel out of the country and Huffstead Management has been a peace of mind . I don't have to worry ever about anything that has to do with my house . From the rent to repairs she has always been a step ahead . I appreciate your help 

Renovations/Project Management

Need Renovations or Project Management ?

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Sell Your Property/Buying Services

Want to buy or sell property?

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Check Out Our New Landlord Portal 

Here at Huffstead Management we value our landlords. That's why we created a portal just for you .

You can pay your monthly balance ,see completed maintenance requests, schedule appointments and so much more.

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